Where are VR & AR having the biggest impacts on enterprise?
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We’ve produced a white paper in partnership with SuperData looking at how different enterprises are using immersive tech and where the primary investments are being made.

  • Find out how industry end users use virtual reality now and plan to use virtual reality going forward
  • Where are VR developers seeing the most demand for their services – which industries, which applications?
  • Get a projected share of 2020 enterprise spend across industry on VR versus AR

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In addition to the data-led white paper, we’ll also give you full access to a video from the recent VRX conference in San Francisco. This discussion  features business leaders from Intel, Unreal Engine, Stanford University and more on where the biggest use cases are arising for VR & AR across enterprise.

  • Understand which verticals are taking the lead, and where the biggest applications are
  • Tap into the latest current market data and use cases for applications as diverse as healthcare, education, design and manufacturing
  • Get a real overview of the current demand for VR and other immersive tech across industry

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