What are the biggest opportunities in the European market? Exclusive Future Projections for VR/AR in Europe
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VR/AR is just a few steps away from real monetisation and the European market can be a leader in this new platform revolution. This paper will unlock secrets of the biggest opportunities in the European market and how we are pushing barriers of the immersive tech world alongside the US and Asia.

Get a taste for what is to come at VRX Europe 2018 with personal advice and insight from these speakers:
  • Chris Koomen, Product Owner Virtual Reality, KLM
  • Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO, nDreams
  • Simon Jones, Director, Unreal Engine Enterprise, Epic Games

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  • Advice from senior VR leaders @ Epic Games, KLM and nDreams – A variety of tech, enterprise and consumer facing leaders from Europe deliver a broad view of the VR market and their personal opinions on the market trajectory

  • Exclusive details on growing and emerging projects in the European market – New insight on the most innovative projects in development and recently released throughout Europe and how they compare to what we are currently exposed to

  • Reasons businesses are (or are not) focusing on the European VR market – Details on where the opportunity is for AR/VR in Europe, how this compares to other global markets and who is integrating immersive tech applications company wide

  • Insight defining which are the leading countries across the European market – An outline of the leading countries and companies in Europe and why they are succeeding

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At the upcoming VRX Europe 2018 event, there will be multiple panels exploring the current state of VR, AR and immersive tech worldwide. Senior VR executives and innovators will weigh-up the potential of markets from the East to the West and determine where to place your bets as VR/AR reaches mass adoption. This white paper will prepare attendees with exclusive European market knowhow for an informed experience at the event in May.

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