The role of interactivity in VR
  • Hear front line insights from senior representatives @
    Kite & Lightning, Improbable, ARM, Supermassive Games and Polyarc
  • Find out why interactivity is key to augmenting presence in VR – and how to do it best

  • Discover what can be done to drive increases in character and object interaction and how to take advantage of new technology advances like eye and motion tracking

  • Get perspectives on how important audio is in enhancing interactivity and presence in VR

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As VR gains a foothold in gaming, establishing presence is absolutely key and users need to be able to seamlessly interact with the virtual worlds they’re immersed in, just as they would in real life.

So developers are conjuring up ever more ingenious ways to deliver enhanced interaction into their titles and technology providers are bringing amazing tools and platforms to market.

We’ve brought together senior representatives from some of world premium game studios and tech companies to give their views on this crucial area and provide you with key insights to help you deliver more immersive and interactive VR experiences going forward.